Colorado State Water Supply Initiative and Roundtables

Working for the Colorado Water Conservation Board and in direct consultation with Colorado’s Department of Natural Resources Executive Director, Brown worked with a team of facilitators to develop a methodology and stakeholder process designed to help the state maintain an adequate water supply for its citizens and the environment. The 18-month initiative served as a forum to develop a common understanding of existing water supplies and future water supply needs and demands throughout Colorado and a possible means of meeting those needs. The project involved the evaluation of complex economic, institutional, and regulatory drivers on a statewide level and included a series of technical roundtables in each of Colorado’s eight river basins.

  • Client: Colorado Water Conservation Board
  • Location: Colorado, USA
  • Project: State Water Supply Initiative
  • Role: Facilitation Team Leader and Technical Advisor
  • Affiliation: CDM Smith
  • Photo: Colorado State Capitol Building