Working for the Metropolitan Water District (MWD), Brown was the project manager for the facilitation, planning process development, and report preparation for MWD’s first regional integrated resources plan (IRP) — a high-level, comprehensive analysis of water supply for Southern California over a 25-year planning horizon. The IRP was designed to enable a high level of member agency and public participant involvement in reaching an appropriate balance of imported and local water supplies to achieve a least cost mix that satisfied environmental, risk and reliability, and affordability considerations. During the implementation phase of the IRP, Brown provided advisory services to MWD in support of the procurement of off-stream storage and dry-year supplies on the Colorado River Aqueduct System. Brown has also provided support for several updates of the original IRP.

  • Client: Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
  • Location: California, USA
  • Project: Integrated Resources Plan for Southern California
  • Role: Officer-in-Charge, Project Manager, and Lead Facilitator
  • Affiliation: CDM Smith
  • Photo: The California Aqueduct