Paul Brown is a frequent speaker on topics related to water infrastructure, integrated resources planning, decision-making and critical thinking, climate change uncertainty, complex systems, and global sustainability. For PDF copies of selected presentations click on orange highlighted titles.

Recent Speaking Engagements

  1. Featured Speaker, “City as Terrestrial Crustacean: Structural Engineering and Resilient Cities,” The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, Conference on the Role of Advanced Technologies in Structural Engineering for More Resilient Communities, Irvine, California (September 2017)
  2. Keynote Address, “Enabling Innovation in Water Management,” Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD) Foundational Actions Funding Program Technical Conference, Los Angeles, CA (February 2017)
  3. Opening Session Keynote Speaker, “A Unified Vision of Innovation in Water Management,” WaterSmart Innovations 2016 Conference, Las Vegas, NV (October 2016)
  4. Opening Session Keynote Speaker, “Leading Through a Time of Extreme Uncertainty,” WEF-AWWA Utility Management Conference, San Diego, CA (February 2016)
  5. Guest Lecturer, “California Water: A Complex System of Systems,” Pinchot University (October 2015)
  6. Speaker, “Extreme Uncertainty and Climate Change in Water Supply Decision Making,” Amsterdam International Water Week, Amsterdam, NL (November 2015)
  7. Plenary Panel Speaker, “The Value of Urban Forestry under Extreme Uncertainty,” Canadian Urban Forest Conference, Victoria, BC (October 2014)
  8. Panel Speaker, “Achieving Long-Term Sustainability in the Santa Ana Watershed,” Santa Ana River Watershed 2014 Conference, Riverside, CA (October 2014)
  9. Plenary Panel Participant, Shaping Our Water Future, IWA 2014 World Water Congress, Lisbon (September 2014)
  10. Panel Speaker, “Transitioning Urban Water Systems to Meet New Imperatives,” IWA World Water Congress, Lisbon (September 2014)
  11. Panel Speaker, “Integrating Water Design with Urban Planning & Development: Philadelphia,” IWA World Water Congress, Lisbon (September 2014)
  12. Lecture, “Beyond Efficiency: Energy in the Water Industry,” Patel College of Global Sustainability Orientation Program, University of South Florida (August 2014)
  13. Opening Session Keynote Speaker, “Whole Water – Lessons from a Career in Water Planning,” Whole Water Conference (W2C), AWWA CA-NV Section, Monterey, CA (June 2014)
  14. Opening Keynote, “Converging on Water,” AIA Seattle 2014 Water Forum (April 2014)
  15. Plenary Panel Speaker, “Stewardship and Risk,” ISSP Annual Conference (January 2014)
  16. Panel Speaker, “Financing Green Infrastructure” VerdeXchange 2014 Conference, Los Angeles (January 2014)
  17. Dinner Keynote, “Stormwater Management in Extreme Uncertainty: Fortify or Flex?”, Green Infrastructure and Water Management in Growing Metropolitan Areas Conference, Patel College of Global Sustainability, University of South Florida (January 2014)
  18. Dinner Keynote Speaker, “Urban Development and Water Infrastructure: Modifying Our Institutional DNA,” UN Habitat Partner University Initiative: Global Meeting 2013, Patel College of Global Sustainability, University of South Florida (May 2013)
  19. Panel Speaker, “Rain Gardens to Water Sensitive Cities: What Works?”, WaterSmart Innovations Conference, Las Vegas, NV (October 2013)
  20. Speaker, “San Diego & Water: Opportunities for Cleantech Growth,” MIT Enterprise Forum of San Diego (October 2013)
  21. Opening Session Keynote, “Uncertainty and Infrastructure: Planning for the Unknown,” IWA Cities of the Future Conference: Innovation in Practice, Istanbul (September 2013)
  22. Lunchtime Keynote, “Integrated Resources Planning in Southern California,” Santa Ana River Watershed 2013 Conference, Costa Mesa, CA (April 2013)
  23. Panel Speaker, “Delta Resiliency: After the Event,” VerdeXchange 2013 Conference, Los Angeles (February 2013)
  24. Expert Panelist, “Water Technology Park: Conceptual Design Workshop,” Milwaukee Water Council (January 2013)
  25. Opening Session Keynote Speaker, “The Imperative for Urban Systems Integration in an Increasingly Complex World,” Wellspring 2012 Conference, Water Partners of Tacoma, Tacoma, WA (October 2012)
  26. Workshop Speaker, “Rebranding Wastewater Treatment: The Water-Energy-Resources Vision of the Future,” WEFTEC 2012, New Orleans, LA (October 2012)
  27. Keynote Speaker, “Creating New and Hybrid Paradigms for Water and Cities on the Path to 2050,” Cities of the Future Workshop, IWA 2012 World Water Conference, Busan (September 2012)
  28. Keynote Speaker, “Big Data and the Water Industry,” Inaugural IWA World Congress on Water, Climate and Energy, Dublin, Ireland (May 2012)
  29. Session Presenter, “Understanding Urban Complexity with Value-Focused Modeling,” American Planning Association 2012 National Planning Conference, Los Angeles, CA (April 2012)
  30. Plenary Keynote Speaker, “Tomorrow’s Urban Systems: Bringing Innovation into Practice,” Cities of the Future: Sustainable Urban Planning & Water Management Conference, Stockholm (May 2011)
  31. Lecturer, Planning for Water Short Course and Webinar, “Green Planning, Recycling and Water Utilities,” American Planning Association 2011 National Planning Conference, Boston, MA (April 2011)
  32. Lecturer, “Introduction to Green Design: An Overview,” ASCE Infrastructure Group Seminar, New York City, NY (March 2011)
  33. Panel Moderator, “Challenges that Cities Face – Nexus of Energy, Water and Food Security,” Liveable & Sustainable Cities for the Future: World Cities Summit 2010, Singapore (June 2010)
  34. Opening Session Keynote Speaker, Cities of the Future 2012 Conference, Water Environment Federation, Boston (March 2010)